You may not understand the term forced freight if you’re in the aerospace industry, just as those in the trade show industry may not understand the term AOG engine transport. But that’s okay, you don’t need to! We know all the jargon and special market requirements to provide services and solutions to customers in almost every major industry.

We specialize in the automotive, aerospace, electronics, home delivery, industrial machine, oil and gas, pharmaceutical, projects, retail and tradeshow sectors. We know how to move freight quickly, efficiently and economically in each of these unique industries and we can track it, store it, repackage it or deliver it – whatever your business or circumstances require.

North Africa or international, air, sea or ground, we provide the services you need to succeed in your particular field. We have well-established international trade lanes and extensive coverage, and we know the ins and outs of getting your shipments across international borders hassle-free.

We enjoy a logistical challenge, too, so bring us your complex projects and we’ll come up with a winning strategy together. From narcotics and plasma to T-shirts and timing belts, it’s our business to know your business.

Air Freight

HNM Express is an expert at getting your freight in the air and on its way. As a full-service global freight forwarder, we have years of experience working with our airline partners to make sure you meet your air freight deadlines. North Africa or international, oversized or overweight, we know the ins and outs of booking freight on aircraft in the most economical and efficient way.
We offer a variety of service levels, ranging from charter flights and consolidations, to next-day, second-day and three-to-five-day to meet your specific project needs or budget.

Customs Brokerage

If your business includes international shipping, you have customs regulations to consider. Our worldwide network helps reduce that stress by making sure all rules and regulations are followed as we move your freight across the border. (RLF) for any port.
Our proactive approach includes securing documents in advance of freight arrival to help speed Customs clearance. In addition to licensed brokers at key port service centers, we also offer a full range of integrated logistics solutions to support your business: transportation, warehousing and distribution, and other options to manage your inventory.

Expedited Ground Freight

From a single box to a full truckload, and thanks to our reliable worldwide Network you can trust HNM Express to pick up and deliver your freight on-time, damage-free and within your budget. Thanks to our Global Network we offer expedited ground freight service with efficient routing, speed and savings.
Our staff is experienced with truckload and less-than-truckload freight, heavy hauls – even hazardous and petroleum products. Tell us what you need and we’ll put together a custom ground transportation plan to meet your timeframe and cost requirements.


Simply put, logistics is ensuring that the right items are in the right place at the right time. HNM Express has been doing it “right” for its customers for decades and considers it a privilege to handle important logistics tasks for its business partners. Whether you need us to design innovative solutions for your business, plan, coordinate and execute a one-time project or provide ongoing management through warehousing and distribution, we are more than ready to take the reins..
Our first-in-class logistics management includes information technology, facility management and transportation services. We offer a complete end-to-end supply chain solution that gives you a competitive advantage. From pharmaceutical to consumer products distribution, we can design a just-in-time supply chain that helps your business grow and thrive.

Ocean freight

HNM EXPRESS provides smooth sailing for all your ocean shipping needs. We have the experience and facilities to deliver superior ocean freight service from the mainland to anywhere in the world you need freight delivered.

As a Non-Vessel-Operating Common Carrier (NVOCC), we have long-standing relationships with ocean carriers which allow us to negotiate competitive rates for our customers and frequent sailings to and from major ports of call. Fast transit times, convenient consolidation points help us move your ocean freight quickly and reliably. You can even speed up or slow down your deliveries and supply chain with Dynamic Routing, which is HNM’s unique service that provides flexibility to adjust ground, air, and ocean transportation modes to accommodate changing inventory needs – even if shipments are on the way.