You may not understand the term forced freight if you’re in the aerospace industry, just as those in the trade show industry may not understand the term AOG engine transport. But that’s okay, you don’t need to! We know all the jargon and special market requirements to provide services and solutions to customers in almost every major industry.

We specialize in the automotive, aerospace, electronics, home delivery, industrial machine, oil and gas, pharmaceutical, projects, retail and tradeshow sectors. We know how to move freight quickly, efficiently and economically in each of these unique industries and we can track it, store it, repackage it or deliver it – whatever your business or circumstances require.

North Africa or international, air, sea or ground, we provide the services you need to succeed in your particular field. We have well-established international trade lanes and extensive coverage, and we know the ins and outs of getting your shipments across international borders hassle-free.

We enjoy a logistical challenge, too, so bring us your complex projects and we’ll come up with a winning strategy together. From narcotics and plasma to T-shirts and timing belts, it’s our business to know your business.

Aerospace Industry Logistics

Commercial, military or private sector, HNM Express has years of experience working with customers in the aerospace industry. We design innovative and flexible options to help our customers increase profits and grow their businesses. We understand raw materials, components, navigation systems, controls and interiors as well as how subcontracted work fits into the mix. We can manage your vendors, provide warehousing – anything you need to be successful in this fast-paced industry.
Our experienced and knowledgeable people can provide transportation and logistics solutions no matter where your product is or where it needs to go. Aircraft transport, AOG engine transport, spares consolidation, repair and return programs, asset management and just-in-time inventory. We understand the aerospace industry and your place in it.
• Complete Planning and Coordination
• Full Door-to-Door Transportation Services
• Aircraft on Ground (AOG)
• Engine Transport


Put HNM Express in the driver’s seat for your automotive shipping needs. We understand the competitive nature of the auto industry. You can count on us to handle any transportation demands to keep your supply chain moving. Our air, ocean and surface options give you the flexibility and speed you need to reduce shipping delays and prevent lost sales opportunities. From batteries and tires to fenders and radios, we can move it, store it and manage it for you.
• Time Definite Transportation
• Dynamic Routing Options
• Predictive Delivery Service
• Parts Replenishment
• Proven Claims Prevention Process


In the ever-changing and highly competitive electronics industry, one thing remains constant: a strong supply chain is the key to success. HNM Express specializes in customizing reliable and flexible supply chain solutions, working with you to adapt to changes anywhere in the world. We partner with you to help reduce distribution costs and time to market for new products.
HNM EXPRESS knows the electronics industry; from manufacturing and production to consumer electronics, semiconductors, component parts and all market segments in between. Whether you’re outsourcing in one country for assembly in another, then delivering to resellers, retailers and other consumer channels, you can rely on us for transportation and logistics services to help you manage costs and know where your products and parts are at all times.
• Expertise in all Market Segments
• Dynamic Routing and Predictive Delivery
• Security & Loss Prevention Programs
• Complete Supply Chain Visibility

Industrial Machine and Manufacturing

The industrial machine and manufacturing industry is highly competitive. The race is always on for new developments and process advancements. As your transportation partner, HNM Express has the experience and knowledge to keep you out in front. We design innovative and flexible options for a leaner, more efficient supply chain, and we understand the importance of inventory management, reverse and after-sale logistics and how communication and technology impact that chain. We provide air, ocean and surface options to allow ‘flex’ in your business and budget along with process optimization and improvements, spare part management and various manufacturing support tools.
Our customized solutions include transportation management, customs brokerage; even charters for oversized and heavy freight. We can also reduce your costs with packaging options, stock level optimization and customized kitting. We know the industry and we know what works. Let us put that knowledge to work for you.
• Time Definite Transportation
• Dynamic Routing Options
• Predictive Delivery Service
• Procurement and Inbound Logistics
• Warehousing, Distribution and Inventory Management

Oil and Gas Logistics

We transport drill rigs, camp modules, and supplies and equipment for some of the biggest oil companies in the business. With a variety of intermodal service options and proven expertise with onshore and offshore projects in remote, harsh environments, we have the experience, infrastructure and personnel to handle anything you need shipped, trucked or flown into or out of the oil fields.
We have all the tools to manage your oil and gas projects: global logistics planning and forecast feasibility studies for heavy and oversized cargo, multi-modal transportation options, stowage, lashing, customized logistics plans and experience with customs and documentation requirements. We also offer supply chain services with knowledgeable, dedicated account management teams, cargo consolidation and worldwide freight services, air, ocean or ground transportation options, purchase order and vendor management and material tracking.
• Multi-modal Transportation and Logistics Services
• Air & Ocean Consolidations
• Air & Ocean Charters and Part Charters
• Worldwide Coordination
• Remote Locations Specialization
• Inventory Management through Conception 2 Consumption (C2C) System
Breakbulk, Out-of-Gauge and Capital Equipment Transportation Solutions

Pharmaceutical Industry Logistics

In the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries, on-time deliveries can be a matter of life and death. HNM Express understands the importance and critical nature of urgent, temperature-controlled shipments, and we have been a trusted partner to our pharmaceutical customers for decades. We can handle your sensitive or hazardous materials shipments properly, no matter how tight the deadline and how challenging the circumstances.
We offer a Cool Chain logistics service to manage your pharmaceutical supply chain from start to finish, including maintaining temperatures and providing recorded, monitored readings and satellite tracking during transit. We also feature an expedited first- flight- out priority service for your most critical needs.
• Total Supply Chain Management
• Proactive Monitoring and Notification Process
• Maintain Temperature Ranges:
Deep Cold
Room Temperature
+2 to +8 Degrees Celsius
+15 to +25 Degrees Celsius